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Committed to Inspiring Change

Shana Orczyk Sissel knows a thing or two about being a woman in a male dominated industry. For the last two decades Shana has climbed the ranks of the investment management industry & faced more than her fair share of challenges. Shana has experienced the harsh double standard common to women in finance. It’s an industry composed largely of alpha males. She has been subject to ongoing sexism and ageism that force her to work harder compared to male counterparts. 


Shana’s resilience has helped her overcome both personal & professional adversity. A first generation American from blue collar Worcester, Massachusetts she has overcome a great deal to be where she is today. Shana is a survivor of both the 9/11 and Boston Marathon terrorist attacks; two of the most impactful terror events our country has ever seen. More recently she faced her most difficult obstacle to date and today can proudly call herself a Breast Cancer Survivor.

Shana is a well-respected alternative investment subject matter expert and is a proud holder of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designation. Shana founded Banrion Capital Management, a financial technology firm, to help educate and provide financial advisors with access to scalable and efficient alternative investment solutions. She received her nickname "The Queen of Alternatives" during a 2022 appearance on an episode of ETF Think Tank's "Get Think Tanked"


A dynamic and charismatic speaker, Shana uses her stories of adversity to show others anything is possible. A sought after speaker at investment conferences, she excels at communicating complex concepts to audiences of various sophistication. Her unique ability to relate to her audience makes her one of the most in demand women in the industry today. 

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